Here at CDC Outdoor we can give you multi channel marketing to connect you with your customers

CDC Clean

Our advanced technology of marketing can allow your brand and your message to reach mobile users through their devices using local Wireless connections such as Bluetooth, NFC or Wifi – this can be done using all of these at the same time.

This provides an immense market opportunity for any business that can reach this target audience in a new and innovative way:

  • 90% of the population own a mobile device
  • Can be used on a small or large scale from retail outlets to stadiums
  • Direct interaction with your customers.

To compliment this we can also offer digital advertising to get your message to your customers; we can target specific messages such as special offers, entertainment or advertising your brand.

  • We can supply and manage the media content within our extensive network
  • We can monitor the audience at each moment and classify it into groups as necessary.

Please contact us for further information.